What is a pre-cut?

Pre-cut is a quilting term for fabric that has been cut to specific sizes either by the manufacturer or by the store owner prior to being made available for sale. Sometimes pre-cuts are purchased as single items (eg fat quarters), sometimes they are purchased in a pack (eg jelly roll). They can be a great resource as they allow quilters to buy a variety of fabrics for the same price as it would cost to buy a meter of fabric in one design, and can be a relatively quick way to build your fabric stash.

There are various names for the different sizes of pre-cut fabrics depending on which company has manufactured them (eg stacks, strips, swags). However, most quilters refer to them using the names given to them by Moda Fabrics regardless of which company has manufactured them. See below.

Fat eighth – 50cm x 27.5cm piece of fabric, or 25cm x 55cm piece of fabric (Australian sizing)
Fat quarter – 50cm x 55cm piece of fabric (Australian sizing)
Jelly roll – pack of strips, 2.5” x width of fabric
Desert roll – pack of strips, 5” x width of fabric
Mini charm squares – pack of 2.5” squares
Charm squares – pack of 5” squares
Layer cake – pack of 10” squares