Quilting Supplies + Children’s Imagination = Hours of Fun

Do you have any budding young chef’s in your household? Or a little one who’s into counting, colours or shapes? Then you probably have the perfect game just waiting for them in your sewing room.

Fabric-spaghettiButtons are a very versatile item. They can be used to make button soup or button muffins in the ‘kitchen’. Alternatively, they can be counted or sorted into colours, shapes or themes (eg animals, Christmas). They also make great sounds when you mix and pour them into containers of different shapes and sizes, and different sounds depending on whether the container is empty or not.


Counting-fabric-boltsFabric scraps make tasty spaghetti for a tea party, or you could practice tying knots and bows with them. Your jelly rolls and charm squares (or in our case, bolts of fabric) can be stacked, counted, unstacked and re-counted.

These activities are not only fun, they help develop your child’s imagination, coordination, fine motor skills, language, listening skills and basic maths concepts. So the next time you get invited to a tea party grab your picnic quilt, teddy bear and quilting supplies and join in the fun!

Just remember, buttons are a choking hazard and children should always be closely supervised by an adult while playing with them.

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