Here we will share a range of hints and tips, the results of our product trials and some freebies for you. We hope you enjoy these resources.

Hints and Tips

Recycling Tips for Quilters
Are you a keen recycler? Here are 3 food packaging items that can be quite useful in your quilting space.

Recycling Tips for Quilters
Herb and spice jars can be used to safely store and dispose of worn out or broken needles and pins.

Margarine containers can be used to collect your thread scraps. Over time you will build a multi-coloured collection that can be used with water soluble stabiliser to create 3D decorative items to add to your projects.

Ferrero Rocher chocolate containers can be used for storing your 2″ and 2.5″ squares ready for your next scrap project. We think this is a great excuse for buying another box!