The First Layer

Everyone has to start somewhere, and as this is our very first blog post I thought I’d start at the beginning. Almost 20 years ago I had a lightbulb moment and the idea for Layered Creations was born. It has morphed a little over the years as life events have transpired but the core concept is still the same – to share my love of quilting, embroidery and other crafts with like-minded and interested people.

I thrive on learning from others and love to share what I know. Most of all though, I love the ability of craft to bring people together. On this blog you’ll read about quilting, embroidery and other related crafts. You’ll learn about tools, techniques and processes, find inspiration, discover different guilds and associations, meet some amazing people and learn some tips to help you create the masterpieces in your mind. I also hope you’ll share your experiences and creations with the community here.

Learn more about ‘Our Story‘.

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